Sooo, i lost 4 games in a row, i lost over 50 points in the new league system. Now i want to ask 1 question: HOW TO BREAK MY LOOSING STREAK.

1st game - i was playing olaf top lane, everything was going ok on my lane, but other lanes were though. When the laning phase has ended, we were pretty much winning teamfights, taking dragons, focusing carries, but... they destroyed most of our turrets. 1 teamfight went wrong and they pushed to nexus winning the game.

2nd game - i was playing nocturne jungle, everything was going well untill laning phase has ended and we couldn't kill carries, gg.

3rd game - i was playing evelynn jungle. Pantheon, our toplaner reconnected after 5 minutes of game, then he died few times from his lane oponent. Our bot lane was making terrible mistakes, so at late game they couldnt do anything. Enemy tristana and morgana were making mistakes also, so i got fed. But i was pretty much the only person doing damage. 

4th game - Gragas was afk the whole game and our botlane lost 2 turrets in first 5 minutes of the game. Snowballed to the end.