I've been collecting skin ideas for some time as well, so I decided to post them here!

  • Twisted Five Aces (
    Octagon8 Johnnyfamily

    Johnny Five Aces

    reference to Johnny Five Aces from the unintentually funny concept RPG known as The Zybourne Clock). Wears Johnny's outfit and sunglasses and chain smokes. Complete with tiny forehead and accentuated crotch bulge.
  • Fruit Trader Syndra: Wears an apron. Dark Spheres turn into random fruit.
  • Raver Ryze: With dífferent tattoos, baggy pants and a stretched teddybear backpack for a scroll. Starts sucking on a pacifier during his ult.
  • Zombie Jax: You know the Gargantuar from Plants vs. Zombies?
  • ALISTAR the poison cow: hornless, checkered, Trample spreads poison instead of kicking up dust. If you're confused, this should explain it.
  • Physicist Lux: Wears a lab coat, and her spells are sent through those complicated laser mirrors and gates that I don't know the special terms for.
  • Garden Gnome Veigar: Wears a garden gnome outfit, obviously. His stun ring becomes a fence. Instead of the usual darkness surrounding his face, he sports the homicidal grin garden gnomes usually display.
  • Wizard Ahri: Spins around even more, and her spells have bullet hell particles.
  • Luchador Udyr: Switches between different animal-styled masks for his stances.
  • Katamari Amumu: Covered in double-sided tape, and decoration objects, poros and occasionally, slain minions stick to him temporarily. (Perhaps a katamari Cho'Gath who has the victims of his ult stick to him would work better?)
  • Octopus Thresh: Uses his tentacles to pull allies and enemies. Souls become shrimps!?
  • Robotic Karthus: Angular and glowy. His ultimate is some kind of satellite death ray.
  • Sculptor Evelynn: Fights with a chisel. Champions killed by her are turned into stone blocks. If you stand idle next to them, she carves them out again.