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  • Odaswifteye

    The Rework floor.

    August 6, 2013 by Odaswifteye

    Ahhh, Yet another champ cuts in line of a rework before our great professor. It's not very nice if I do say so myself. He'll get out one of these days but rather than stew and wait I like to visually imagine. Like cartoonishly. Not in a literal sense. That Heimerdinger is trying to apply for a rework in a bizarre orderly system that is both obnoxious and broken. And that he and the other champs are just waiting in this waiting room to get queued up.

    Hehe, you know what? We could go for a laugh. I think I'll go for the extra mile and set up a silly little play to amuse you. This one goes out to Evolnemsis. He's a nice man. Unless he's a woman, or neither, or a robot, Or a talking dog. Hopefully he's not a talking dog with a good lawyer. I b…

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