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    Norah, the Flickering Flame

    January 12, 2016 by Oddgasm

    Norah, the Flickering Flame is a champion in League of Legends.

    seconds in a 2000 units Dark Perimeter around her. Agressive, they attack any champion, ally or enemy that stand in the Dark Perimeter.

    A maximum of 5 + (1 per level of Fall of the curtain) Crawling Shadows can be present at a time. Fortunately for her, Norah owns a candle where burns the Perennial Flame, creating a (6.5Candle wick size)}} range Light Perimeter around her, preventing Crawling Shadows from trespassing. In addition, Norah's abilities don't cost mana but consume her Candle Wick, while the Candle Wick consumes itself at a rate of 1% every 10s. |description2 = Norah starts the game with a Simple Candle that she can upgrade later, preventing her from buying other Gol…

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    Osmeria, the Ethereal Despot

    September 1, 2015 by Oddgasm

    Osmeria, The Ethereal Despot is a custom champion.

    Osmeria creates a wave of noxious energy, dealing physical damage to the enemies in a cone.

    |description2=The base damage is increased by 5% for every minion or neutral monster caught in the area, and by 10% for each champion caught, up to a maximum of 30% bonus base damage.

    |leveling= | }}


    |cooldown= 10


    Osmeria's basic attacks and create a mark of ethereal chain on the targets which lasts for 4 seconds.

    |description2= Osmeria exerts force on the ethereal chains, consuming the marks but all enemies affected in range 250 units towards her, while dealing magic damage and them for 1,75 seconds. |description3= The cooldown is refreshed when Osmeria kills an enemy champion.



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    Ursula, the Sea Witch

    August 29, 2015 by Oddgasm

    Ursula, the Sea witch is a custom champion.

    Ursula is a tentacly effective mage when having to deal with hindering the enemies ; to do so she benefits from a large panel of crowd of control abilities over raw damage. However, while her ablities benefit from high base damage, promoting damage over tankiness could be deadly for her : considering her lack of range she needs to be in melee to excel in battle.

    and dealing }} bonus magic damage on-it.

    |description2= If the enemy champion is hindered by both morays at the same time, Ursula's next ability toward that unit will be enhanced, while the morays will go back to Ursula.

    |description3=The morays will hinder the enemy ennemi pfor 6 seconds, until the unit die, or until Ursula uses an ability on th…

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    Simba, The Lion King

    August 20, 2015 by Oddgasm

    Simba, the Lion King is a custom champion.

    Simba is a mobile champion who benefits heavily from brush; as such, he is at home in the jungle, where he'd be fearsome. His ganks reward patience, allowing him to strike rapidly and deadly at the right moment. A ferocious melee combatant, Simba needs to get close to his targets to hit and chase them, and is also weak to crowd control given his lack of tankiness, but nonetheless shines in teamfights thanks to his ultimate, which allows him to dominate his surroundings.

    nearby enemies and marks them as Prey. While in the brush, Simba gains % armor}} penetration against Prey every second, up to a maximum of % armor}} penetration.

    |description2=These bonus persist as long as Simba remains in brush and for 8 s…

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