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  • Odisseas25

    Junglers are not famous for their income.They tend to be gold starved, unless they managed to get some murdering gold or cover a lane for a long time.Therefore, every piece of gold needs to be effective.And thats what  does. 

    First, lets have a look at the stats it gives.For a mere 850 gold (375 upgrade from ) gives 200 health and 10% cooldown reduction. The health is nice, and the cdr is amasing.Tanks like use it for more cc when ganking, and two extra bars of hp when tower diving. Assasins like increase their durability while essentialy making their skills come 1/10 faster.Invaders like rely on the cdr to mess up their opponent's jungle more.The only category of junglers i can think of that doesn't benefit from are the carry junglers …

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  • Odisseas25

    As you figured from the title, this post will be about EVERY starting item combination i could think off. Its for top lane, and gimmicky stuff like brawlers glove or dagger are not included. The purpose of this blog is to discuss every one of them and hopefully we can find the new most optimal item to carry while going top.

    Some information before i begin: Starting gold is 475 (duh),  cost 75 gold (double duh),  cost 35 gold (triple duh) and the cost of 5 pots is 175 gold (quadra duh)  

    Now lets get into it.

    1) : 180g, +3 mana reg/5. Builds into , , and . Possible combinations are 1 5   / 2  3 /2  4 (wait for 25g at fountain).

    2) : 180g, +5 health reg/5. Builds into ,,  and . Possible combinations are 1 5   / 2  3 / 2  4  (wait 25g).

    3) : …

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  • Odisseas25

    So... Sometimes, a jungler has to stand up and smite that blue buff for himself. He does that for a number of reasons, which will be explained. However, getting the blue for himself often causes the declaration of a new flame war from mid, with other team members taking his side. This blog is about when jungler should take blue, and when he is just a jackass.

    First of all, there is an urban legend in lower tiers, that buffs are for the jungler. That is plain wrong. The jungler is the one who manages the buffs for his team, giving them away when neccessary.Its up to HIM if mid gets blue or adc gets red. Never forget that and think that since you are the mage you deserve blue buff. Trust me, if he knows what he is doing and he doesnt give you…

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  • Odisseas25

    Finally remembered my wikia password. For those who dont know me, im an average jungler who played lee sin since April first, 2011. I play a lot of customs, and no ranked at all. I have been jungling with literaly every champion in the game, some honorable mentions are season 1 evelynn, leblanc and ryze.Yep. Did that (although not always succesfully.) I have other 3, although outdated, blogs on this wiki. Feel free to check them.

    Now, today I attended a small tourn. The problem was, that the day before my ad carry, solo top and support players told me they would go skiing. After the mini-stroke (I mean, skiing is better than JANNA?) i found three semi-good players and i added them to the team. With absolutely no gaming experience as a team …

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  • Odisseas25

    Hi again, this is my second post about jungle picks. Like last time, i will start saying that thit is not the ultimate tier list or anything, if you want that check TheOddOne's or Stonewall008's. Also, a very good guide about what jungler to pick is this. Sorry about the delay, but when i tried to post it a week ago, it got erased.

    Anyways, todays post will cover 3 junglers that can counter jungle and/ or split push: trynd, shyvana and shaco.

    Tryndamere: He is somewhat unstable. Or you get some early crits on your first clear, or you are propably screwed. Note: he wont die, but he wont be able to gank or continue jungling after first clear without crits. Wriggles is nice to him, although a zeal/ vamp scepter can replace it if you dont want t…

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