Finally remembered my wikia password. For those who dont know me, im an average jungler who played lee sin since April first, 2011. I play a lot of customs, and no ranked at all. I have been jungling with literaly every champion in the game, some honorable mentions are season 1 evelynn, leblanc and ryze.Yep. Did that (although not always succesfully.) I have other 3, although outdated, blogs on this wiki. Feel free to check them.

Now, today I attended a small tourn. The problem was, that the day before my ad carry, solo top and support players told me they would go skiing. After the mini-stroke (I mean, skiing is better than JANNA?) i found three semi-good players and i added them to the team. With absolutely no gaming experience as a team we went for the lulz. Our first match was against our silver-tier friends, who have been playing as a team for at least a year. We knew we couldnt beat them, and we were debating about dropping. Then, it hit me. I knew they were gonna pick olaf and cho gath. Blitzcrank was banned, so their next choice was gonna be tarik. We had cass for mid, mundo for top, me as jungling jarv-man and leona with varus as our bot lane. Cass cant get fed of cho, and mundo was going to have a hard time against lanelaf. So, i decided we would play something unorthodox, something so gimmicky that would give us the victory. We send mundo bot against ezreal and tarik, varus and leona against cho while cassiopeia went top against olaf. Since their jungler was xin zhao, we went ahead and stole their red at the beggining. Now, the important thing was that every time they swaped their lanes to match ours, we swaped ours as well. That resulted on olaf getting killed by cass, mundo safely farming and varus not getting stomped by ez. The story isnt like Rocky's though. We lost that game, mainly cause we couldnt coordinate as well as they did.However it was nice to see the lane swaping trick work.

My point is very simple. Why send the ap mid while you can send the bot lane?  Why have defined lanes while you can surprise your opponent and win the early game? Innovations are big in this game, and i think that lane swapping is one of them.

Feel free to say your opinion, and ill try and answer any questions.

Till the next post, thats it.