So... Sometimes, a jungler has to stand up and smite that blue buff for himself. He does that for a number of reasons, which will be explained. However, getting the blue for himself often causes the declaration of a new flame war from mid, with other team members taking his side. This blog is about when jungler should take blue, and when he is just a jackass.

First of all, there is an urban legend in lower tiers, that buffs are for the jungler. That is plain wrong. The jungler is the one who manages the buffs for his team, giving them away when neccessary.Its up to HIM if mid gets blue or adc gets red. Never forget that and think that since you are the mage you deserve blue buff. Trust me, if he knows what he is doing and he doesnt give you the buff its for a good reason.

Now, about the reasons junglers dont give their mid blue:

1) They are manaless. While 20% cdr may be helpfull, it will benefit the jungler more, speeding up his clears thus giving him more time to gank. Energy champs can be an exception, cause blue helps their spammy nature (zed comes to mind easily).

2) They are losing their lane hard. Sometimes, blue will help them recover. Most times however, blue will just transfer to the enemy mid. When someone is 0/3 for example and he demands blue, the jungler should just say come and get it in spartan voice, while smiting it when low.

3) Something i dont like when i see it, denying blue because of a weak leash/ stealing wraiths. Reason for that is mid's behavior put the jungler behind, and he needs all exp and gold possible to recover. Same thing occurs when the jungler is uderleveled because a gank went wrong.

4) Sometimes, mid plays poorly. That doesnt mean he is behind in cs or dies, but its clear that the summoner does not give his 100% in the game. The jungler will prolly take blue, because he thinks it will help him more than it will for the mid, and he is right most times.

5) Cause @#$%^ logic, gank on mid went wrong, its all his fault, never giving anything again, im going back to playing master yi on my smurf account cause this team sucks and its full of noobs and i should be challenger but elo hell and... you get the point.

Thats it for the reasons, I hope it helped somehow those who get angry like hell when they are denied blue to understand reasoning before that. Till the next post, cya.