Hi, I'm Ohatsu from NA server, I first wrote this a month ago, but I was a noob at this wiki( still am a noob...) so i created a page(like a champ page) instead of a blog page, and it got deleted, but I was too lazy to do it again, but now I finally decided to create a actual blog so here it is:

So I have been playing league since september 2011, and one thing that really slowed me down during my learning process was acess to champions, while I dont mind having to buy champions, because you know, I think riot does a great job even with the ocasional bugs and undesired nerfs and skins costs, and they really deserve and should have some gain with league, thats not being greedy, LoL is their product and they aim to earn some cash with it, like anyone else would....But anyway, buying champions and runes is somewhat annoying, and while it may not affect older players too much, it's not a very nice thing to newbie players who need to learn everything about every champion in order to learn to play LoL properly, or for casual players that play sometimes only for fun, unlike dedicated players that play very often. So my suggestion is: A) increase IP gain at least on early levels so that new players don't have too much struggle with testing champions or getting runes.B) daily mini-quests like, kill X amount of champions or farm X amount of minions, once completed, this quest would give small amount of IP. C)give players a chance to win random runes after each match.

So that's it, please remember that this is just a idea I had sometime ago, no something I think that should be implement immediately. So leave your thoughts about my idea below in the comment section

PS: I don't promise anything about replying comments, cuz I may not be in the mood to reply or I just have simply nothing to say, so don't expect too much from me :P