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skill diference and why

Ohatsu April 16, 2015 User blog:Ohatsu

Hi guys, today I would like to talk about something that's been bugging me for a long time now. I started playing lol around september, 2011, that month I arrived here in Japan coming from Brazil, it was just me and my cousin playing lol, but in the next year, i joined this school and slowly conviced my new friends to play lol with me, it took some months, they started as the season 2 was endindg i think? I dunno but anyway, there was this one guy in particular who come to lol after everyone, so he was the last one, but quickly rose to be our best player, today he is plat while the rest of us are silvers or bronze, and this is what bugs me, what make us so diferent? why cant we improve as much as he? specially me since im the only one who plays on a daily basis. Sure he is more competitive and has a infinitly better PC, but still, i think with all our experience we should be at least gold 5 or 4. And before you guys start saying 'asians op' all of them are brazillians and not japaneses

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