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tooltip easter egg

Ohatsu April 10, 2015 User blog:Ohatsu

hey guys, i was watching an urf video from last year ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Evh3TyIU4HQ this one) and at 0:35 the guy who's playing place the cursor over the tooltip to show it to the viewers. Now as i read the last line, something came to my mind, and i didnt think about because i didnt start to play dark souls until the second half of last year, yes you heard dark souls, and the last sentence of the buff is very similar to something dark souls has, the abyss...

It is told in dark souls  that the abyss consumed the land of oolacile and threated to consume new londo as well, the four sealers then flooded the city to stop its spread, and deep into the city, the entrace to the abyss lies, now to enter the abyss, you require the convenant of artorias, a ring created by artorias through a pact witht the abyss so he could enter it, and throughtout the entire game, whenever they mention the abyss and artorias, they traverse the abyss leading me to think this is a referance to dark souls. what you guys think?

One more thing, it may be already answered, but i never saw a thing about this in the forums or blogs or YT videos, etc...so i dont know