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  • Omnicious
    It was early dawn on the docks of Bilewater, sailors were waking up and preparing sails getting ready for the day's catch. Warf rats were busy fighting over the morning scraps thrown out by the many fishermen. The sight reminded Gankplank of the chaos caused by his fall from power, the Bilewater scum and scrub fighting to gain the upper hand in hopes to take Bilgewater as their own. "Ferocious" he thought "But still nothing more than a filthy rat. Besides, I got work to do".

    "Enjoying the view?" Gankplank heard form somewhere behind him. The voice was a familiar gravely, aged voice he'd heard many times.Gankplank turn round to the hooded man in the dark alleyway be hind him "You called me out here so make it quick, I got things I'd rather b…

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  • Omnicious

    Rakia- The Exiled

    December 3, 2015 by Omnicious

    Just saying this champion concept is probably out of balance and won't make it into league (but it would be awesome if it did) so don't flame me too much... it's the first one I've actually thought up and written down ok.


    Mid lane and Jungle

    Passive: Foward Momentum: Every auto-attack you gain a stack of foward momentum which increases you movement and attack speed by 2.5% of your current movement speed. Stacks cap out at a maximum of 8 stacks. Stacks will dacay over a period of 4 seconds

    Q: Blaze: Dash a short distance towards the mouse dealing damge to any enemy units you pass through. This can be reactivated three times after which you next auto attack deals max percent health damage.

    W: Take Down: Rush to an enemy target, dealing d…

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  • Omnicious

    After the incident at the [REDACTED] involving the failed millitary project formerly know as PROJECT: Overdrive both Piltover and Zaun have launched multiple operations to capture, contain and if neccessary terminate the rogue combat androids. These operations have been put under the code name OPERATION: Kaimera. However all attempts to execute such objectives have failed as there seemes to be none who can withstand the androids speed, presicion, defence, accuracy, technique and unpredictability.

    Due to the multiple failed capture and termination missions Pitlover has called upon the institute of war and Demacia to aid in OPERATION: Kaimera and champions have been dispatched with 50 man task forces to multipule locations including [REDACTED…

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  • Omnicious

    The Scrap Iron Waste Lands

    September 29, 2015 by Omnicious


    If you go beyond the guardian sea heading east for 5 days you shall find a large expanse of baron wasteland with long blazing days and long freezing nights. Rain is so scarce here that it's a miracle just to even see it reach the ground. In fact the weather here is so harsh that practically no life can survive here. Seeing no use for the dead land the inhabitants of Valoran decided to dump all their trash and garbage here. Broken swords, scraps of techmaturgy, animal remains, cracked amour, lost dreams and broken souls are all common place here, lost to the mists of time and awaiting their inevitable erasing from the world of Runeterra.

    The People

    Eventually Demacia and Noxus along with other settlements started exiling those who …

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