Log 322154:

After the incident at the [REDACTED] involving the failed millitary project formerly know as PROJECT: Overdrive both Piltover and Zaun have launched multiple operations to capture, contain and if neccessary terminate the rogue combat androids. These operations have been put under the code name OPERATION: Kaimera. However all attempts to execute such objectives have failed as there seemes to be none who can withstand the androids speed, presicion, defence, accuracy, technique and unpredictability.

Log 322155: 

Due to the multiple failed capture and termination missions Pitlover has called upon the institute of war and Demacia to aid in OPERATION: Kaimera and champions have been dispatched with 50 man task forces to multipule locations including [REDACTED]. Even so we are still having trouble trying to contain the elusive androids. Although it's not approptiate in the current situation I can't help feeling a little exited to meet some of the most famed people in Runeterra let alone work with them and see them in action.


Log 322311:

We have fianlly managed to capture one of the androids after 8 months and heavy losses thanks to the intervention of an unknown figure wielding finely crafted dual techmurgury blades and a very unpredictable fighting style compareable to that of Ekko, Kattarina and Kalista combined. He calls himself Exodius and claims to be an exiled soldier of Demacia. He says he was also abandoned in the desolate Scrap Iron Waste Lands which lies east of runeterra beyond the guardian sea.