Chapter 1: A Forgotten Name

Bilgewater Slaughter Docks 2
It was early dawn on the docks of Bilewater, sailors were waking up and preparing sails getting ready for the day's catch. Warf rats were busy fighting over the morning scraps thrown out by the many fishermen. The sight reminded Gankplank of the chaos caused by his fall from power, the Bilewater scum and scrub fighting to gain the upper hand in hopes to take Bilgewater as their own. "Ferocious" he thought "But still nothing more than a filthy rat. Besides, I got work to do".

"Enjoying the view?" Gankplank heard form somewhere behind him. The voice was a familiar gravely, aged voice he'd heard many times.Gankplank turn round to the hooded man in the dark alleyway be hind him "You called me out here so make it quick, I got things I'd rather be doing" he replied while he drew and inspected his blade.

"Does the name Blackblade mean anything to you". Before the last syllable had left his lips Gankplank was already holding his blazing cutlass at his throat.

"What do ye know about that cursed name". The man unyielding to the heat of the carefully crafted blade before him simply replied "Things are lost Gankplank but never truly gone, you of all people should know that."

Gankplank grimaced and sheathed his cutlass. "So he's back I assume?"."And out for blood" the man finished. "Fortune took your empire, Blackblade will take what's left"

Gankplank thrashed his blade only to hit empty space. Gone, like a feather to the wind. "Slippery bastard" he said to himself. "Don't underestimate me!!!!!" Gankplank yelled out. A hollow whisper in the wind replied "Only time will tell Gankplank, only time will tell".

(This is entirely a work of fiction and I will not make a chapter 2 unless requested to do so all people named in this story are real / canceled champions which I encourage you to research yourself GLHF with all future games - Omnicious)