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Rakia- The Exiled

Omnicious December 3, 2015 User blog:Omnicious

Just a Heads up

Just saying this champion concept is probably out of balance and won't make it into league (but it would be awesome if it did) so don't flame me too much... it's the first one I've actually thought up and written down ok.





Mid lane and Jungle


Passive: Foward Momentum: Every auto-attack you gain a stack of foward momentum which increases you movement and attack speed by 2.5% of your current movement speed. Stacks cap out at a maximum of 8 stacks. Stacks will dacay over a period of 4 seconds

Q: Blaze: Dash a short distance towards the mouse dealing damge to any enemy units you pass through. This can be reactivated three times after which you next auto attack deals max percent health damage.

W: Take Down: Rush to an enemy target, dealing damage and causing a knock back to that target. Distance knocked back will depend on amount of stacks.

E: Overload: consume all stacks of foward momentum for a temporary damage increase which lasts 10 seconds. Damage increase will depend on amount of stacks.

R: Chaos Blast: After a 4 second delay dash to a distant chosen area causing an impact on arrival, enemy units caught in the impact radius will be knocked back and stund for a duration. Stun duration will increase by 0.25 seconds for every stack of foward momentum.

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