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  • OneFilthyHobbit

    I'm ashamed to say I've played quite a few hours of the DOTA 2 beta (released yet?) don't care but my favorite hero to play in that game is Rubick mainly because really he can succeed despite the team comp. I think it would be awesome if RIOT included a champion like Rubbick into League. For those of you who don't know Rubick can steal an enemies move and use it as his own. Now in DOTA 2 it's kind of boring because half of the skills in that stupid game are passives but I think it would be awesome for League. A stolen Nunu or Amumu ult would be awesome and could turn so many plays around and may cause the enemy team to think twice before initiating. I really thought ZAC would be this Rubick champ I've been waiting for I mean slime changes …

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