I'm ashamed to say I've played quite a few hours of the DOTA 2 beta (released yet?) don't care but my favorite hero to play in that game is Rubick mainly because really he can succeed despite the team comp. I think it would be awesome if RIOT included a champion like Rubbick into League. For those of you who don't know Rubick can steal an enemies move and use it as his own. Now in DOTA 2 it's kind of boring because half of the skills in that stupid game are passives but I think it would be awesome for League. A stolen Nunu or Amumu ult would be awesome and could turn so many plays around and may cause the enemy team to think twice before initiating. I really thought ZAC would be this Rubick champ I've been waiting for I mean slime changes everyone knows that and it's pretty standard in games to have a slime character who can morph into whatever. Instead they gave us an AP jungler who in my opinion is not very useful since you have to pick damage or tank and usually it has to be tank since his moves require you to get close and personal and you can be targeted while ulting. (and wtf with that recolor for a skin) Just an idea and ult stealing champ would be fun and useful.