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  • One Hundred Souls

    Greetings! This is my idea for a champion. As you can see, it's more of a concept of a concept, and is a rework of a previous concept I did...so yeah that's that! I want him to be a shapeshifting champion, a la Elise/Nidalee/Jayce. His main roles will be jungler tank and assassin mage. I'd like some feedback on the ability concepts before I start doing the math on his numbers...so lemme know what you think! :D

    In the citystate of Zaun, science is allowed to do as science pleases, and Drexler was one of many to take advantage of the leniency. He aimed to perfect "nanohextech", a swarm of microscopic machines that would have a variety of uses in medicine and in battle. As his work neared perfection, Drexler attempted to turn on his creations.…

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  • One Hundred Souls

    Greetings! With the release of Jinx, something I know a lot of us were hyped about, I thought I'd share a couple of silly little crossover skin ideas I had. I'd draw these up, but having no artistic talent whatsoever, I thought it'd just be easier to describe them to you all instead :P

    1. League of the Dead Jinx: A skin based around the Zombies mode in Black Ops games. I was thinking her overall look could reflect the game modes origins and resemble Richtofen's original uniform (without any distinctive symobls that might offend people of course!). Though, her outfit would probably be more acceptable if it mimicked one of the other characters instead. Pow-Pow could be the Death Machine, and appear from a Mystery Box in a similar manner that …

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  • One Hundred Souls

    Just a champion concept made for the lulz. It's Subject Delta from BioShock 2, "league-ified". Feedback appreciated!

    Oh, yes, and obviously this is still very much a work in progress.

    |date = Unreleased |health = ? |attack = ? |spells = ? |difficulty = ? |hp = ? |mana = ? |damage = ? |attackspeed = ? |range = ? |armor = ? |magicresist = ? |healthregen = ? |manaregen = ? |speed = ? |IP = ? |RP = ? }}Delta, the Iron Protector is a custom champion in League of Legends.



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  • One Hundred Souls

    To anyone that might see this, I'd love feedback of all kinds. This is my first foray into this sort of thing, and this is a very loose concept. You'll notice that there's basically no number stats, just ability descriptions and assignments. I'd appreciate it so very much if the users here could help me with the specifics. Y'know, read the descriptions and let me know what sort of stats would fit! I'm not tightly committed to any one layout, and I just wanted to get my ideas out so you, the community, could help me turn this concept into something solid. Please and thank you!

    Oh, and I would like for him to have a hybrid feel during gameplay, similar to Jax. His abilities were slightly inspired by both Jax and Tryndamere: one CC, one abilit…

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