Greetings! With the release of Jinx, something I know a lot of us were hyped about, I thought I'd share a couple of silly little crossover skin ideas I had. I'd draw these up, but having no artistic talent whatsoever, I thought it'd just be easier to describe them to you all instead :P

1. League of the Dead Jinx: A skin based around the Zombies mode in Black Ops games. I was thinking her overall look could reflect the game modes origins and resemble Richtofen's original uniform (without any distinctive symobls that might offend people of course!). Though, her outfit would probably be more acceptable if it mimicked one of the other characters instead. Pow-Pow could be the Death Machine, and appear from a Mystery Box in a similar manner that Pow-Pow is kept inside a violin case on the Jinx's Mafia skin. Of course, Zap! would fire a shot from the Ray Gun, that's a given....but I'm a bit between ideas for the rocket launcher. I was thinking an over the shoulder variation of the Wunderwaffe, with electrical chaining effects in place of explosions. The RPG might be a better fit. 

2. Team Fortress Jinx: Dressed in the Soldier's digs, utilizing his Rocket Launcher and Righteous Bison (for Zap!), as well as wielding the Heavy's minigun for Pow-Pow, and fires a glowing crit rocket for the ult. I mean, this stuff practically writes itself.

Well, those are my two ideas! If you've got anything to suggest or have ideas of your own, feel free to comment below!