To anyone that might see this, I'd love feedback of all kinds. This is my first foray into this sort of thing, and this is a very loose concept. You'll notice that there's basically no number stats, just ability descriptions and assignments. I'd appreciate it so very much if the users here could help me with the specifics. Y'know, read the descriptions and let me know what sort of stats would fit! I'm not tightly committed to any one layout, and I just wanted to get my ideas out so you, the community, could help me turn this concept into something solid. Please and thank you!

Oh, and I would like for him to have a hybrid feel during gameplay, similar to Jax. His abilities were slightly inspired by both Jax and Tryndamere: one CC, one ability for initiating or escaping, one AA enhancer.

1 Growth 18 1 Growth 18
Health ? Attack damage (+0)
Health regen. ? Attack speed ?
Mana N/A Armor ?
Mana regen. ? Magic resist. ?
Attack range ? Mov. speed N/A
Drexler, The Nanobot Cloud is a champion in League of Legends.


Drexler has no mana meter. His abilities are instead cast from his health. To assuage the health costs, Drexler has a special Surplus bar that replaces his mana meter. Surplus functions as a second health meter that can only be filled once his main health bar is full. It can only be gathered through Drexler's passive, lifesteal, and spell vamp. The amount of Surplus that can be gained is based off of a percentage of Drexler's maximum health.

Grey Goo

 Drexler's basic attacks inject nanobots into enemies, applying Grey Goo for seven seconds. This effect does not stack, but is refreshed with each auto attack. If an enemy dies while the effect is active, Drexler is healed for a percentage of his maximum health. 


Activates and removes all applied Grey Goo stacks, dealing magic damage to all enemy's afflicted. All enemies this affects are pulled slightly towards Drexler. For every enemy that is killed by this ability, a 25% of the health cost is refunded. If more than four foes are killed, then Drexler is healed for 25% of the health cost.


Drexler shifts into a smoke-like form, and "dashes" in a chose direction. During the "dash", Drexler can pass through terrain and is briefly untargetable. All enemies that Drexler passes through are afflicted with Grey Goo.


Enhances Drexler's autoattacks, empowering them by a percentage based off of Drexler's current health. He also deals bonus damage to enemy's afflicted with Grey Goo. Drexler cannot apply Grey Goo (expect by use of Dissolve) while Destroy is active.


Uses all available Surplus to create a clone of Drexler with health equal to the sacrificed health. All health costs will sacrifice the clone's health instead of Drexler's, and Drexler cannot build Surplus while the clone persists. The clone can be controlled as a pet, and does not benefit from any of Drexler's items. Additionally, using any of Drexler's abilities will cause the clone to perform an action. Using "Devour" causes the clone to transfer some of its health to Drexler. Using "Dissolve" causes the clone to join Drexler at the target location, as well as release an AoE burst that applies Grey Goo to all nearby foes. Using "Destroy" will cause the clone's attacks to taunt foes for a short duration.