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    Nova the Light Spectrum

    November 29, 2013 by OnlynePlayer

    Nova the Light Spectrum

    Nova is a Mage/Support champion who excels at team fights.

    She is very difficult to play because of her abilities

    Passive: Rainbow Every time she uses an ability, her next ability will be different and she gains additional ability power.

    Electrify (Q) She sets a thunder bolt on a small target location, and whoever is in that location will be stunned and will be damaged with (60/70/80/90/100) AP.
    Rainbow: Hurricane (Q+W)
    Nova summons a mighty whirlwind that knocks back enemies through the air and it deals (75/85/95/105/115) AP.

    Twin Tornadoes (W) Nova releases two tornadoes from her hands. Anyone who gets hit by twin tornadoes will be knocked back and slowed for 1 second. It also deals (50/6…

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