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Nova the Light Spectrum

Nova the Light Spectrum

Nova is a Mage/Support champion who excels at team fights.

She is very difficult to play because of her abilities

      Passive: Rainbow
Every time she uses an ability, her next ability will be different and she gains additional ability power.

         Electrify (Q)
She sets a thunder bolt on a small target location, and whoever is in that location will be stunned and will be damaged with (60/70/80/90/100) AP.
      Rainbow: Hurricane (Q+W)

Nova summons a mighty whirlwind that knocks back enemies through the air and it deals (75/85/95/105/115) AP.

      Twin Tornadoes (W)
Nova releases two tornadoes from her hands. Anyone who gets hit by twin tornadoes will be knocked back and slowed  for 1 second. It also deals (50/60/70/80/90) AP.

      Rainbow: Electric Tornadoes (W+Q)
Nova releases an upgraded twin tornadoes with electrical effect. Anyone who gets hit by electric tornadoes will be stunned and knocked back for 2 seconds. Deals (65/75/85/95/105) AP.

       Healing Drop (E)
Nova heals herself or a friendly unit and gives them both AD and AP armor. Heal: 70/120/170/220/270 (+35% AP)

       Rainbow: Haste (E+W)
Nova heals herself and a friendly unit gives them both AD and AP armor and also she gives bonus movement speed for 2 seconds. Heal: 75/125/175/225/275 (+50% AP)

        Super Nova (R)
Nova unleash a shockwave after 0.5 seconds, dealing magic damage to enemies within 400 range and flinging them into the air 350 range towards then she summons a meteor-like ball into the field and deals 100/200/300 AP to the enemies.

   I know she is too overpowered as a champion. Please comment to make it better. This is my first custom champion so please forgive me if you didn't like it :P

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