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  • Opop

    DIO 'The Curse of the Joestars'

    February 17, 2015 by Opop

    DIO   –  The Curse of the Joestars 7800  / 975 ----  SECONDARY BAR:  ManaRELEASE DATE17-02-2015LAST CHANGEDN/A



    HEALTH 583 – 2028 ATTACK DAMAGE 56 – 115
    HEALTH REGEN. 9.0 – 24.3 ATTACK SPEED 0.644 (+0% – 42.5%)
    MANA 296 – 1061 ARMOR 25.9 – 85.4
    MANA REGEN. 8.1 – 19.1 MAGIC RES. 32.1 – 53.4
    MELEE 125 MOV. SPEED 350

    Vein Freeze

    PASSIVE: Every auto attack slows and cripples the target by 5% per stack for 2 seconds, at 5 stacks (maximum stacks) the enemy becomes immobilized (can only cast spells) for 0.5/1/1.5 seconds and becomes immune to the immobilization effect for 5 second.

     Knife Trow  RANGE: 1100   COST: 30 MANA+ 1 CHARGE  COOLDOWN: 1 RECHARGE TIME10 / 9/ 8 / 7 / 6

    ACTIVE: DIO Spends a charge (maximum of 3 c…

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  • Opop


    November 23, 2012 by Opop

    Hi, my name is Opop, and im in a unfortunate situation, I uninstalled LoL in an attempt to get rid of a bug that I was getting (wennever I logged in I would be envited to reconect to a game, however, I never started a game before this bug started and wenn I pressed the reconect button to join this 'game' It would just freeze LoL) and now I attempt to instal LoL, but wenn I press the downloaded icon to instal the game, nothing happens.

    If someone know how to help me fix this i would be very gratefull, thank you for your time.

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