Hello Everyone !

Here is my first post on LoL wiki so I would like to introduce myself - my name is Paul, I live in Poland.

I'm interested in rock and blues music, MMO, RPG and similar things.

I play LoL for about one and half a year, however, I started to play ranked games yesterday evening :)

Now with 2:1 win to lose score I begin to wonder: which are the strongest picks on each position ?

I will put here some examples that come from what I heard and of course from my own experience :)


  • Darius, thanks to his ult ?
  • Malaphite, just amazing tank and poker
  • Irelia, IMO she rocks ;d very offensive but still tanky, gapcloser
  • Jax, same as above but some survivability goes to dmg


  • Amumu, ganks and enormous CC ultimate
  • Shyvana, again my humble opinion, think she's best ,balanced in everythin' jungler should do
  • Shaco, generally master jungler, but useless in late game
  • Udyr, I heard he is very good and he was often picked, but it seems to be out of date
  • Maokai, is it true that he is superior with decent team play ? :)


  • Kassadin, always banned cause he wins almost every lane ? :P
  • Morgana, even stronger when it comes to team fights thanks to ultimate + Zhonya's
  • Keneen, very movable, nuke, cc?
  • Orianna, she's known of being brilliant in good hands, isn't she ?

AD Carry, not my strong point really

  • Corki ?
  • Miss Fortune ? kinda nice ult
  • Vayne, I prefer her, heard she is very good late but hard to play
  • Good old Ashe... xD


  • Sona, probably the best, the most universal support ever
  • Taric, he is amazing too, I main him
  • Soraka, still strong pick I think, we'll never throw her out seriously :P

This is only my wondering around the topic, please guide me through, post your propositions and opinions, don't avoid champs which are often banned, it's because of their strength right?

See Ya, and thanks for all responds Summoners !