• Oslah

    Ideas to improve Garen

    November 24, 2016 by Oslah

    As everyone who plays Garen a bit (or looks at his kit and thinks about it for a moment) knows, he only has like one main strategy when dealing with enemys:

    - run up to the enemy

    - spin

    - try to do a or back off

    This includes a few decisions by the player:

    - do I just to be faster or do i wait for a slow to cleanse?

    - do I need to activate  ?

    - where to position while

    The problem is, as soon as a part of his strategy doesn't work (e.g. Garen gets outtraded while spinning or he can't back off) he has only little to no options left to deal with the situation.

    Garen needs changes to his kit that allow more decisions and more options in a fight.

    With the Juggernaut Update Riot already tried to include some more decisions Garen has to make:

    - do I on a…

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  • Oslah

    Nemesis Button

    December 3, 2013 by Oslah

    Hello everybody, who came to view my first blog here.

    Directly to the topic: buttons.

    I mean those buttons, which are there on the right side of the endgame screen. If your screen reads Victory, u rather click the green-button. if your screen reads Defeat, u rather click the red one with the exclamation mark, maybe up to 9 times...

    So, there is an "add friend" button, no explanation needed here. There is a "Block Summoner" button, which lowers the chance of beeing brought into the same match with the blocked summoner. And there is a "report summoner" button, which lowers the chance of ever seeing this summoner again...

    And now my idea: the "nemesis button"

    Simple idea: Tagging a summoner as "nemesis" just raises the chance of beeing matched aga…

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