Hello everybody, who came to view my first blog here.

Directly to the topic: buttons.

I mean those buttons, which are there on the right side of the endgame screen. If your screen reads Victory, u rather click the green-button. if your screen reads Defeat, u rather click the red one with the exclamation mark, maybe up to 9 times...

So, there is an "add friend" button, no explanation needed here. There is a "Block Summoner" button, which lowers the chance of beeing brought into the same match with the blocked summoner. And there is a "report summoner" button, which lowers the chance of ever seeing this summoner again...

And now my idea: the "nemesis button"

Simple idea: Tagging a summoner as "nemesis" just raises the chance of beeing matched against this fellow. Ofc as long fair match-making allows it (tagging whole bronze division as nemesis OP) and maybe only for normal games. This nemesis-button could be better than block sometimes, if u just want to beat the crap out of an idiot who flamed a whole game. A tagged summoner could also get a bandage-like symbol, only visible for oneself, so u dont have to remember the name to identify your nemesis.

Im running out of points to explain, so just leave a comment: Nemesis-Button yay or nay?

PS: Be patient of my grammar english is not my native langugage.

Guten Tag.