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  • Otterpaw7

    I carried myself from 1200 - 1420 back to 1200 (after a week of not playing) and back up to 1460, all by playing Anivia (whom I have a 70% win ratio with). My ingame username is just 'Otterpaw' if you want to look me up.

    As you said, you should play carries. You CAN carry games as tanks and support, but its far more difficult, as you have to hope for your teammates to take advantage of the opportunities that you present.

    Therefore, as a carry, you have to make several assumptions about your team.

    1st: They have no damage-

    If you are the only person last hitting in the match, its more than likely that you are going to be far more farmed than they are. If your team is worse, the rest of the team is far more behind in gold. DONT rely on their dam…

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  • Otterpaw7

    I bought Anivia at level 12, and have mained her ever since.

    First off, I want to clarify that this’ll probably be pretty similar to a guide, but it is not meant for people who have never played Anivia before and want to start. This is to correct all of the idiots I see wasting Anivia’s potential and ruining their team’s game.

    First off, what every Anivia player has to understand is that the blue buff was made specifically for you. No one else on your team should ever have it (except MAYBE swain). Your jungler should only need it once. Tell that amumu to man up and buy himself a frozen heart.

    The reason for this should be obvious. Anivia’s skills cost a lot of mana. Without blue, Anivia can not farm, she’ll be completely OOM after a fight, a…

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