• OwenNewo

    Back when LoL was still at it's crawling stage (just after beta) I played a few games with the champion known as Rammus. Admittedly, I had a few frustrating games with him as he lacked any kind of ranged skill the longest being his taunt with I thought was utterly dismal. In the many other RPGs I play I usually went for a 'mage' character as I have a certain penchant for "inflicting pain from afar". Morgana fits into this role nicely, and for that I share a different kind of bond with her which is explained later.

    However as time went on, my frustration got the better of me and with defeat after defeat I gave up on the fields of justice and took a long hiatus from the game.

    A year and several months later, I decided out of the blue to try ag…

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