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    Asira, The Curator

    November 8, 2012 by Ownagez

    Unfortunatelly, The Character info template isnt working... so i guess I'll just make it like this

    • Base stats/Tags
    • Damage:47 (+3/level)
    • Health:350 (+71/level)
    • Mana:270 (+65/level)
    • Move speed:310
    • Armor:13.4 (+3.4/level)
    • Magic Resist:30 (0/level)
    • Health Regen:5.9 (+0.65/level)
    • Mana Regen:6.4 (+0.7/level)
    • Attack Range: 575
    • Tags: Mage, Support, Fighter, Ranged


    Passive: Purifying Strength

    Asira gains attack damage equal to her 25% AP

    Q Ability: Divine Strike

    Asira Launches a damaging lightwave dealing magical damage to all enemies in cone in front of her. Also, units hit by this ability have their movement speed reduced.

    • Range: 500
    • Cooldown:7/6/5/4.5/3 Seconds
    • Cost: 50 / 80 / 85 / 90 / 95 mana
    • Damage: 50/85/110/150/190+70% AD Phisical damage
    • Movement Speed…
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