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  • OziWasTaken

    (I'm no good at creative-writing, so this is just a draft.)

    Jade grew up in wealthy Ionian family. A gang of thieves assassinate her parents, but a mysterious ninja saves Jade from them. Jade gets taken under the wing of this ninja (plot twist: it's Zed) who introduces her to the Order of the Shadow. She spends years as one of Zed's students, learning the way of the shadows.

    As a final task, Zed assigns Jade to assassinate someone. She completes her mission, but discovers that her victim was an important Ionian figure: a high-ranked Shojin monk. Realising that she had been manipulated, Jade attempts to flee but gets captured by Lee Sin. 

    Lee Sin takes her to the High Council to be trialled - she was given the option to either a life of impris…

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