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  • Ozuar

    Portential Maphite Rework

    March 20, 2014 by Ozuar

    This is my attempt at reworking Malphite into a champion that's more fun to play as and has a bigger impact for the whole team other than just using your ultimate in a teamfight and slowing the ADC's attack speed. I gave him A LOT more crowd control but removed some of it from his ultimate. Additionally I changed his passive in such a way that he can trade a little bit better and more frequently in lane by making his shield less all-or-nothing. Anyway, I ask that you give me your opinions and try to hold off on that hate until you've read it all, 100%. I appreciate and will try to respond to all CONSTRUCTIVE comments.

    Most importantly: IF YOU DON'T THINK MALPHITE NEEDS A REWORK don't flame me in the comments for making one. I think he d…

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  • Ozuar

    Greetings fellow North Americans, Ozuar here with an update on the North American tournament!

    Signups are over and teams are posted (below). Get together with your teams as soon as possible to figure out of there are any problems with my balancing our the times that you guys will be able to play. The first stage of the tournament will be a double round robin (everybody plays everybody twice).

    Good luck everyone, and see you on the Rift!

    Top - Ulthax

    Jungle - Noedig12

    Mid - Feuer Frei

    ADC - Dat Halfrican

    Support - Silver Grimalkin

    Top - AJRSweet

    Jungle - Nodeathtoall

    Mid - SilverCrowPanda

    ADC - Talkla

    Support - toadsageman

    Top - Mr Toasted

    Jungle - Ninjite

    Mid - xDGuardianXileDx

    ADC -Darkshados

    Support - Arkania

    Top - Vermillion Blade

    Jungle - bmmastin

    Mid -…

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  • Ozuar

    Hey everybody, Ozuar here with an update on the previously announced League of Legends tournament for the North American Server.

    As some of you may remember the original idea was proposed by our beloved User:DocTanner, however, due to some complications he is no longer able to be the "commander in chief" or whatever you want to call it.

    Because it's impossible for me to get ahold of his original list of participants (not to mention some of them might have disappeared from the face of the earth) I will be holding a new signup on this page. Just leave your summoner name and preferred roles in a signed message and you'll be all signed up!

    Any updates for the tournament will be posted in that same section of my talk page, so be sure to check back…

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  • Ozuar

    Hey guys, Ozuar here with some math for you on why you shouldn't necessarily insult people who are trying to play a champion in a role they wouldn't usually be played in. I will be examining in detail the damages that AP (a sometimes played alternate build path) against the traditional build. Both of them take on an assassination role in fights. Instead of continuing to type out words, I'll throw some math at you right now, then do some analysis afterwards.

    Both of these combo equations consider that the champion has a Lich Bane. Leona will auto-attack twice, once to detonate Lich Bane and once to apply . Fizz will apply Lich Bane with and will use one auto-attack to apply

    Total damage dealt by AP Leona's combo, excluding sunlight det…

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  • Ozuar
    as Magic Resistance.


    Galio fires a concussive blast from his eyes to a target 250-radius area, dealing magic damage and stunning enemies hit for seconds.
    • Projectile Speed: 1500

    |leveling = |cooldown=8 |cost= |costtype=mana |range=900 }}

    Galio's armor and magic resistance are increased.

    |description2 = Galio's next auto-attack deals bonus damage and steals armor and magic resist from his target equal to his passive bonuses for the next 3 seconds. |leveling = |leveling2=

    |cooldown=15 |cost=60 |costtype=mana }}

    Galio unleashes a gust of magical wind that deals magic damage to all enemies in its path. A directional draft remains for 5 seconds, slowing the movement speed of enemies passing through it.

    |leveling =

    |cooldown=10 |cost= |costtype=mana…

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