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User blog:Ozuar/NA Tournament - Official Teams Posted, Schedule TBD


NA Tournament - Official Teams Posted, Schedule TBD

Ozuar February 13, 2014 User blog:Ozuar

Greetings fellow North Americans, Ozuar here with an update on the North American tournament!

Signups are over and teams are posted (below). Get together with your teams as soon as possible to figure out of there are any problems with my balancing our the times that you guys will be able to play. The first stage of the tournament will be a double round robin (everybody plays everybody twice).

Good luck everyone, and see you on the Rift!


Team 1:

Top - Ulthax

Jungle - Noedig12

Mid - Feuer Frei

ADC - Dat Halfrican

Support - Silver Grimalkin

Team 2:

Top - AJRSweet

Jungle - Nodeathtoall

Mid - SilverCrowPanda

ADC - Talkla

Support - toadsageman

Team 3:

Top - Mr Toasted

Jungle - Ninjite

Mid - xDGuardianXileDx

ADC -Darkshados

Support - Arkania

Team 4:

Top - Vermillion Blade

Jungle - bmmastin

Mid - Zerokzs


Support - EzioAudonatee

Schedule Mar. 22

Game 1 -

Team 1 vs Team 2

6:30 PM ET

Game 2 -

Team 1 vs Team 3

7:30 PM ET

Game 3 -

Team 2 vs Team 3

8:30 PM ET

Game 4 -

Team 1 vs Team 4

9:30 PM ET

Game 5 -

Team 2 vs Team 4

10:30 PM ET

Game 6 -

Team 3 vs Team 4

11:30 PM ET

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