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    AP Tristana Vs. LeBlanc

    January 25, 2013 by OzzyrD

    There is this argument about AP Tristana, where she is always compared to LeBlanc. AP Tristana and LeBlanc have very similar role & kit, hence why they are always compared.

    The thing is, some people claim AP Tristana is outclassed by LeBlanc, because of her higher cooldowns and slightly lower burst (yes I know this table is stuped)

    Tristana Leblanc
    burst damage at lvl 6 610 + (330% AP) 606 + (349% AP)
    burst damage at lvl 18 1020 + (330% AP) 1317 + (376% AP)  OR  1247 + (390% AP)*
    sustained damage after burst VERY low



    AP Tristana:

    • Can farm much better than LeBlanc because of the passive on Explosive Shot, bigger radius on the AoE ability, and higher damage on that AoE ability (mostly because of the passive on Explosive Shot though). Th…

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