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Vein the Yordle Mechanic


Rumble is only champ whit cool stat "heat" so i planed new yordle that uses same system. But as ad bruiser than ap caster. What u think the art.

I know its not really innovative to use second "mecha yordle" But i love them :D

So here planing of skills!

[Passive] Heat the Gears

When Vein reaches 100 Heat he overheats for 6 seconds. While overheated Vein Cant use any abilities but his attack damage incriece.

[Q] ---

[W] Gatling gun

Vein switch to Ranged attacking mode for some seconds. Then goes back to melee range.

[E] Launch

Vein lauches his mecha and when he comes down on champion he stuns it for couble of seconds

[R] Last Effort

Active:  Vein shields himself and any ad damage dealt to him while shielded will damage the champ attacking him. Likey thornmail.

Passive: When vein dies he can move his mecha for 5 seconds then plant it and blow it up dealing massive aoe damage. 


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