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  • Pacpac1997

    How do you guys out there play support?

    I really dislike the "0 cs" meta and am trying to change this. I try not to play my supports passively but actively by constantly harassing the enemy support and carry and actually taking a little farm. Some examples of how I tend to play my supports are:

    I get Starcall at Level 1 and harass with it immediately.

    I get a Sheen on Sona and just spam Hymn of Valor and harass the enemy carry.

    I spam Shatter like no tomorrow.

    This is crazy but sometimes I play Ahri bot support. I max FoxFire and spam it in brush(does not reveal you)

    I guess that a short way to say this is that I want supports to be more then just "protectors" for their AD carries and actually be able to set up kills. To be able to whittle away …

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  • Pacpac1997

    Hi! I'm new to the LoLWikia community but after reading this wiki for about year now I have finally made an account. My idea for a new Debuff eould be called Hp Freeze. This Debuff would be made to primarily counter champs that have high regeneration and/or healing for a short period of time. The concept is that when Hp Freeze is applied to a champ, they will still be able to be Healed and can still Regen Hp but the catch is that the Healing and Regen is applied when the Debuff ends. I am sorry if this sounds complicated and to be honest it slightly is to me but I feel that there should be a way to counter Healing and Regen without the use of Grievious Wounds. Now that I think about it, it seems that Hp Freeze would create a window period …

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