Hi! I'm new to the LoLWikia community but after reading this wiki for about year now I have finally made an account. My idea for a new Debuff eould be called Hp Freeze. This Debuff would be made to primarily counter champs that have high regeneration and/or healing for a short period of time. The concept is that when Hp Freeze is applied to a champ, they will still be able to be Healed and can still Regen Hp but the catch is that the Healing and Regen is applied when the Debuff ends. I am sorry if this sounds complicated and to be honest it slightly is to me but I feel that there should be a way to counter Healing and Regen without the use of Grievious Wounds. Now that I think about it, it seems that Hp Freeze would create a window period of a few seconds where a previously unkillable target(due to Regen or Healing ex:mundo) can be killed and would reward high teamplay as the target with Hp Freeze should be targeted in order to kill him quickly and punish frantic targeting as the target with Hp Freeze would wait for the duration to end and be rewared with the burst of healing.

EX: Mundo is low and uses ult. He gets Hp Frozen and does not get healed his 35 hp per second for the next 3 seconds. If he was not killed by the end of Hp Freeze, he recieves a burst heal of 105 hp to compensate for the 3 seconds in which he was not healed.

Note: The duration of Hp Freeze is short due to me not wanting to make this op.

Note: Could synergize with Grievious Wound to deny Enemies Hp for a short period and then Reduce the compensating heal.

Note: This could also be used to counter a duo bot with a sustain support Ex: Taric, Soraka, stc.

Thank You for reading this and I hope that whoever that reads this can help me improve on this concept.