How do you guys out there play support?

I really dislike the "0 cs" meta and am trying to change this. I try not to play my supports passively but actively by constantly harassing the enemy support and carry and actually taking a little farm. Some examples of how I tend to play my supports are:

I get Starcall at Level 1 and harass with it immediately.

I get a Sheen on Sona and just spam Hymn of Valor and harass the enemy carry.

I spam Shatter like no tomorrow.

This is crazy but sometimes I play Ahri bot support. I max FoxFire and spam it in brush(does not reveal you)

I guess that a short way to say this is that I want supports to be more then just "protectors" for their AD carries and actually be able to set up kills. To be able to whittle away their opponents for their AD carry to take the kills.

Thank You for reading this and I would love to hear about what you guys think about this below in the comments.

Edit: I am really so happy that you guys have read this but to clarify about Starcall and farming, I only farm when I know that my carry cannot get the last hit due to possible retaliation and the way that I use Starcall is mostly when i have Corki as my partner due to the Phosphorus Bomb dealing magic damage.