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A little skin rant

Palarus March 2, 2013 User blog:Palarus

Lately, Riot has released a bunch of skins that, well, let's not beat around the bush, rustle my jimmies. It's not THAT bad but I find it extremely annoying and unfair.

I will give exact examples:

1- Mecha Kha'Zix: Compared to his classic skin, isolated targets are much easier to spot; that big crosshair that appears is the easiest thing to notice compared to the faint effect the classic has.

2-Steel legion Lux: I can't,I swear, I can't discern her snares from her Lucent Singularities. And her ult is harder to avoid too.

3-Arclight Varus: Same problem, I don't know if he has insta-shot a Q or has used his ult.

4-iBlitzcrank: His rocket grab is a pain in the ass. Leaves a semi-transparent light blue trail with a claw so small I'd rather try looking for a needle in a haystack.

I would really like to hear your opinions on the topic.

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