Frantic focus

Noble's autoattacks apply champions a stack of Frantic Focus. After 3 stacks are applied, Noble's abilities have additional effects. The maximum number of stacks a champion can have is 3 and autoattacking a different champion will make previously applied stacks disappear.



Nobel throws a magic bolt that deals magic damage to all enemies struck.

Frantic focus: Consumes 3 stacks of Frantic Focus. Painspear will become a targetted ability that auto-aims the champion affected by Frantic Focus and silences him for 2 seconds.

Damage: Magical, 80|150|175|200|250 (+ 80% AP)

Cooldown: 10|9|8|8|8 seconds

Cost: 70 mana

Range: 1000



(Active): Noble disrupts the mind of target enemy champion,dealing magic damage and burning 5% of the enemy's maximum mana.

Frantic Focus: Consumes 3 stacks of Frantic Focus. Mindrot deals damage in an area around the targetted champion (250 diameter) and applies a 50% slow to struck champions 0.5 seconds after being hit for 2 seconds.

Damage: Magical, 80|100|150|200|230 (+75% AP)

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Cost: 85 mana

Range: 650


One step ahead

(Passive):Noble gains bonus magic resistance equal to 15% of his base magic resistance.

(Active): For 5 seconds, Noble is capable of absorbing an incoming ability. It will deal no damage or apply effects. Instead, the enemy ability user will be dealt magic damage over 3 seconds.

Frantic focus: Consumes 3 stacks of Frantic Focus. Enemy champion affected by One step ahead damage over time  is stunned for 1.5 seconds at the start of the effect.

Damage: Magical, 100|125|140|160|185 (+ 100% AP)(+ 50% enemy AP)

Cooldown: 12|11|10|10|10 seconds

Cost: 100 mana


Edict of pain

(Active):Noble marks the targetted enemy champion for 20 seconds. The enemy champion affected by Edict of pain  receives true damage instead of being healed (Includes abilities, spellvamp and lifesteal) and is dealt true damage instead of regenerating health every second. It also loses mana instead of regenerating it and suffers amplified damage from all sources. 

Frantic Focus: Consumes 3 stacks of Frantic Focus. Noble gains bonus health and mana regeneration equal to Edict of pain's target. Noble heals himself an amount equal to the true damage dealt everytime the targetted enemy is healed.

Cooldown: 75 seconds

Cost: 200 mana


Amplified damage: 10%|15%|20%