Passive (Adrenaline Rush): Each 5th minion kill Jett gets, he gains a 3% increased movement speed buff stack. Adrenaline Rush can stack up to 5 times. (3%/6%/9%/12%/15%) Once Jett is slain he loses all of his movement stacks.

Q (Godspeed): Active: Jett runs full force at a selected enemy target, throwing lightning fast punches at them for 1 second dealing physical damage, knocking the target up with an uppercut punch after, knocking them up.

W (Prepare For Landing): Active: Jett jumps up, landing down anywhere that’s selected within his range. If landed on an enemy target, they take little physical damage and are slowed for 1.5 seconds any other targets that weren’t targeted, but still in the range are slowed, taking no damage.

E (Wreck Em): Active: Jett kicks a selected enemy target, knocking them back 390 units, dealing little physical damage. If any allied enemy targets are in the way of the knockback, they’ll take damage and be knocked back 300 units as well for half the range the target took.

R (All Jack'd Up): Active: Jett transforms, miraculously gaining bigger arm and leg muscles. When he casts this ability, it empowers his Immense Kick and Godspeed abilities which lasts for 15 seconds before he goes back to normal. Passive: Jett now has increased physical damage with his auto attacks.

Lore quotes etc. to come later! :D