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  • Pansimi

    This is a concept I came up with for an assassin carry type champion (I think). I don't know where I'll go from what I have now, but it looks interesting. I am unfamiliar with the editing system here, so it will look underwhelming compared to other people's concepts. But anyways, let's get to it. Some base stats and stats per level I think are reasonable.

    • HP: 400+70 per level
    • HP5: 6+0.55 per level
    • MP/MP5: N/A
    • AD: 48+3.2 per level
    • AS: 0.625+3% per level
    • AR: 14+3.5 per level
    • MR: 30+0 per level
    • MS: 335
    • Range: 500

    And her abilities.

    • Passive: Blade Chain
      • Instead of mana, Brenna has in place a system of energy using her blades. Every time she hits an enemy or neutral monster with an ability or a basic attack, she gains one blade. She also gains one blade pa…

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