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  • PaperTree

    PaperTree is a strange creature. Coming from the void nobody can tell if it is a tree made of paper, or paper in the shape of a tree. Either way PaperTree is a deadly force on the battlefield. Able to blend in with the forest and inflict nasty paper cuts on his enemies. Be wary when near a tree...it could be PaperTree.

    Anytime a unit is hit by PaperTree or one of his spells the unit gains a stacking debuff which deals 1/2/3...18 dps and slows by 1/3/5% for 5 seconds.(this includes the ticks done by PaperStorm and PaperForest.

    PaperTree channels for up to 7 seconds. During this time a PaperStorm forms in target area. any PaperPlanes active fly in the storms AoE. While in the storm units take 10/20/30/40/50 dps every second, this increases by …

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  • PaperTree


    The Disrupter is a being from the void. Not much is known about his past, but after a few days in this realm he was captured by a noxus patrol group. Upon being inprisoned his innate talents of disruption was multiplied to what it is today. while on the battlefield the disrupter is able to modify opposing summoners connections to their champions. this allows him to place is enemies in dangerous situations.

    While enemy champions are around the disrupter, he passivly releases feedback into the summoners commands. this delays all commands given by .25(1-6).5(7-13).75(14-18) seconds.(Example, if player wants to cast a spell then their is a .X second delay before it is actually casted)

    All units(both allied and enemy) randomly swap places i…

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