The Disrupter is a being from the void. Not much is known about his past, but after a few days in this realm he was captured by a noxus patrol group. Upon being inprisoned his innate talents of disruption was multiplied to what it is today. while on the battlefield the disrupter is able to modify opposing summoners connections to their champions. this allows him to place is enemies in dangerous situations.


While enemy champions are around the disrupter, he passivly releases feedback into the summoners commands. this delays all commands given by .25(1-6).5(7-13).75(14-18) seconds.(Example, if player wants to cast a spell then their is a .X second delay before it is actually casted)

First Active-Warp Reality

All units(both allied and enemy) randomly swap places in target area. The shock from the swap slows enemy units by X% for 3 seconds. 15/14/13/12/11 sec CD

Second Active-


By connecting into the Champion/summoner link the disrupter is able reverse the commands of the summoner. After 10/9/8/7 movement commands given around the disrupter. The next one is reversed(if a champion is told to go straight he goes back the same distance, if the champion is told to go right, he goes left)


The disrupter's signiture skill. by acting upon all enemy champion's senses he is able to deceive them into thinking that an allied champion is an enemy. For X seconds target champion becomes hostile to both sides( turrets/creeps/units/champions). during this time the champion keeps his abilites, but dawns the guise of an allied champion and name(discolored to the distrupter's allies so they can clearly tell that he is not on their team, but normal color to enemy champions)

Simplified version

1. enemy takes to form of an allied hero with the same skin and name

2. enemy goes hostile to all units on the field

3. enemy keeps his abilites.


1. innate makes it harder for enemies to dodge attacks and makes most skills require some aim

2. First active+ passive, this could swap the enemy champion close to a turret. then when he tries to run back the reverse will have him run further into the turrets range

3. Deception + first active. in a group fight use deception then warp. this shuffles the units making it difficult to tell which champion is on their team, and could lead to them killing their own teammate

4. Deception-if used on low hp heroes fleeing back to base, it will make the turrets hostile to them leading to more team kills.