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    Dusk, the Shadowed Blade

    November 26, 2015 by Patropolis

    Dusk, the Shadowed Blade, is not a champion in League of Legends.

    Piltover is a land filled with technological prowess, with some people boasting the ability to use a singular weapon as both a Hammer and a Cannon, to save those in trouble. Then, there's the people who cause the trouble. These people used a combination of stealth and thievery to steal the technology needed to succeed in even the most arduous of heists. People, like Dusk.

    Dusk was born into the slums of Piltover and was taught in the art of stealth since he was a child. He was never to trust anybody but the "Family", a group of thieves that rely on technology to steal the most valuable items in Runeterra.

    Dusk was relentless in his pursuit for goods and power. That was when he …

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  • Patropolis

    Jah, The Crazy Curator

    September 21, 2014 by Patropolis

    Jah, The Crazy Curator, is not a character in League of Legends

    Within Demacia lies some of the greatest, boldest warriors the world has ever seen. However, delve a little bit deeper into Demacia, and you will find Jah's collection. Jah is the collector of anything seen as voodoo and taboo. Everything from voodoo dolls to sacrificial skin can be found here. Jah was proud of his collection, but he was a bit mad about it too. He saw that something was missing; the skin of a void creature. Jah set out, wielding his mighty Voostaff he collected from one of his travels, along with an assortment of bony clothing.

    As Jah travelled further and further, he saw something that he could never unsee. He witnessed a battle between Rengar and Kha'Zix. He w…

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  • Patropolis

    Peace, The Manipulator of Matter, is not a champion in League of Legends. ==Lore== In his home in the highest mountains of Valoran, Peace was a member of the Shinsuki tribe, a tribe of warlocks who mastered the power of the mind. Their powers had flourished, with even the youngest and most inexperienced of warlocks being capable of boasting their immense power. This power left them cocky and arrogant. All, except Peace. Peace followed the ancient meditation ritual, allowing him to clear his mind of arrogance, avarice and lust. He saw that this evil within each Shinsuki would lead to their end. Their final leader, aptly given the name Hubris, believed that their mastery of the mind was enough to defeat even the Ascended of Shurima. He took …

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  • Patropolis

    Blade, The Honourary Hitman

    September 20, 2014 by Patropolis

    Blade, the Honorary Hitman is not a character in League of Legends.

    Within Zaun there are the scum of the earth. Degenerate, filthy monsters roam the streets, fighting claw and tooth for a bite to eat. They will do anything to get something their way. This, is where Blade comes in. Whenever somebody needs somebody else out of the picture, Blade is there to lend a hand. Armed to the teeth with an array of powerful weaponry, Blade is not to be trifled with.

    Blade earned himself quite a reputation in Zaun. People seeking his help would have to write out their name in blood on a wall, with Blade coming when least expected. He would do any job, no matter how big or small. He's gone from killing a fly to assassinating the heads of corporations.

    One …

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  • Patropolis

    In times of when Shurima was a thing of the future, there lived a peaceful tribe of powerful beings. These beings, half human, half beast, possessed great power that could match even that of an Ascended. However, time took it's toll and the land evolved, creating a land which proved difficult for survival for our ancestors. They were thought to be extinct. One specimen, however, survived. Back in his time, he was known as Groshbal Hal-Mothan. Now, he is only known as Club. This being has no knowing of what has happened to his people, for he was recently thawed from the ice of the Howling Abyss. He wonders the land, seeing many things he shouldn't, like Noxians and Demacians fighting because they were ordered to. All he knew, was that this …

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