Paul Levesque

aka Paul

  • I live in Tangerang, Indonesia
  • I was born on June 21
  • My occupation is Moderator
  • I am Male
  • Paul Levesque

    Project Paul : Research

    November 30, 2011 by Paul Levesque

    Hi guys! fellow wikians and all! Your Paul is here!

    I'm going to make this short but long ;), I'm starting a research project regarding League of Legends or this wikia, Now, Let us commence!

    (NOTE : Can't seem to find the time to edit my research anymore, So I will wait until i can return to the wiki full-time before researching things again)

    I will put everything that i have researched here

    Elo hell, Of course everyone knows this Infamous hell of a place. Which i am is in the blasted Ello hell. Well, I've been researching for some months and has figured out that i'm in the Elo Hell. Why do i know?

    • Flamers, Blaming my friend Teh for playing to horribly when he (The flamer) use MF and feeding
    • Leavers, Can't say much about this, Really :)
    • Trollers…

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  • Paul Levesque

    The wiki is lagging

    November 8, 2011 by Paul Levesque

    Hi guys! Friends, Editors, Admins and etcera. It's Paul levesque. I'm back now, As the rain intensity in my region is reduced but yeah, i can finally say i'm back.

    There is something i wanna ask before i started my editing again though:

    1. Do i miss something in the wiki when i'm gone?
    2. Why is the wiki is lagging so hard?

    Yeah, As much as i can say the wiki is lagging hard in my computer, both mine and in an internet cafe. Can someone explain? Thanks!

    Side note: I see WATERDUDE takes one of my work (Adding champion spotlight to the list, Thanks! My work is now reduced a little :P)

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  • Paul Levesque

    damn, i'm sooo bored, Seeing all of this "Pokemon" reference in the skins and trivia, Can you please stop? I have seen too many anon edits on champions skins and trivia, They mostly add pokemon.

    Examples :

    • resembles Darkrai
    • resembles Skroupi
    • resembles Infernape
    • there's also someone add that : name is anagram of "I am Gary Oak" from pokemon... i mean wtf...
    • ....

    What's next? bears resemblance to squirtle? bears resemblance to some pokemon? bears resemblance to Rattata?

    Seriously stop! The only pokemon reference that IMO right, is . I checked Articuno page and google Arti's pictures and yeah, That pokemon really resembles .

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  • Paul Levesque

    I've been experiencing so many wikia ever since the begining of 2010.

    i stumble across so many wikia, Ranging from a small, never-growing wiki like Battle realms wiki, A big, slowly-growing wiki like GTA wiki, or a very big and growing wiki like The Sims Wiki.

    But from all that wiki i encountered, League of legends wiki is by far, The most funny, Enthusiastic, Bloody and the best wiki i encouter in my wiki experience.

    In the GTA wiki, It was quiet with no blog post or whatsoever while The sims wiki have some forums and discussion regarding the sims fanon, and more i can't remember. The users in those wiki were active, but not to active, Such as Haruhi Suzumiya as GTA wiki admin (LOL).

    This wiki also has colorful users, like:

    • An user who tries t…
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  • Paul Levesque

    LoL Contest

    August 7, 2011 by Paul Levesque

    I heard it from my bro

    I played League of legends at April, 22, 2011 (Ten days right after came out. At first, Me and my bro were just playing Dota together until my bro hit the League of Legends in the Wikipedia, at March 22, 2011, He said it sounds fun so he downloaded the game. At first, I was confused, why would someone want to copy Dota, But after i saw my bro game, It sounds fun so i ask him can i play too? he's okay with it. He allowed me to play LoL in his computer, Due to my computer not strong enough for LoL.

    Then, After i create an account, I started playing the next day, At April 22, 2011. My starting champ was and because my bro directly teach me and i studied using him thoroughly, I score a penta-kill at a match, where i was …

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