I've been experiencing so many wikia ever since the begining of 2010.

i stumble across so many wikia, Ranging from a small, never-growing wiki like Battle realms wiki, A big, slowly-growing wiki like GTA wiki, or a very big and growing wiki like The Sims Wiki.

But from all that wiki i encountered, League of legends wiki is by far, The most funny, Enthusiastic, Bloody and the best wiki i encouter in my wiki experience.

In the GTA wiki, It was quiet with no blog post or whatsoever while The sims wiki have some forums and discussion regarding the sims fanon, and more i can't remember. The users in those wiki were active, but not to active, Such as Haruhi Suzumiya as GTA wiki admin (LOL).

This wiki also has colorful users, like:

  • An user who tries to rebel to Admin and Moderator
  • A kind and super-active Admins and moderator
  • A deranged and inactive admin (no longer an admin though)
  • An user who is infatuated to Teemo
  • A 9 (or was it 8 or 7?) year old moderator who makes an army of tibbers
  • A hardworking bureaucrats
  • A hardworking leader of the wikis
  • A pedobear
  • Many more i can't exactly remember.

There's also so many discussions that i can't remember how many.

Although this wiki isn't the best wiki around, Let us all make this wiki the best wiki around.

Keep up the great jobs Bureaucrats, Admins and moderator. Anon users, please don't troll in this wiki and to all newbie users, please help finding vandals and editing.

note : Don't fight anymore pls and don't fight in this blog post. and no offense to anyone who felt offended. (Sorry if you felt offended) and a final note, This isn't a lol wiki contest submission.