I heard it from my bro

I played League of legends at April, 22, 2011 (Ten days right after BrandSquare Brand came out. At first, Me and my bro were just playing Dota together until my bro hit the League of Legends in the Wikipedia, at March 22, 2011, He said it sounds fun so he downloaded the game. At first, I was confused, why would someone want to copy Dota, But after i saw my bro game, It sounds fun so i ask him can i play too? he's okay with it. He allowed me to play LoL in his computer, Due to my computer not strong enough for LoL.

Then, After i create an account, I started playing the next day, At April 22, 2011. My starting champ was NunuSquare Nunu and because my bro directly teach me and i studied using him thoroughly, I score a penta-kill at a match, where i was lvl 5. Even an enemy smurf blaming i was a smurf. xD

Nocturne The Eternal Nightmare

From the beginning when i was about to play League, I fall in love when i check NocturneSquare Nocturne profile page. He looks soo coool and he's also new. I saved up 6300 IP for him and i get the IP When i was lvl 10. Then the hard work paid off, Until i hit this level, Level 26. I was owning the game with Nocturne, Liked by my team and also hated by both my enemies and some of my team.

When i join this wikia, My Avatar was Nocturne, But my friend in the internet created this chibi Nocturne for me and I used this instead of the original avatar, Which is now used by TexasSnyper. Even though i'm no longer plays as Nocturne (Only rarely) he's still in my heart, I loved him a lot and i'm still trying to find a great build, so i can once again, stride together in the fields of justice with Nocturne and enjoys the joys of both Victory and Defeat.