damn, i'm sooo bored, Seeing all of this "Pokemon" reference in the skins and trivia, Can you please stop? I have seen too many anon edits on champions skins and trivia, They mostly add pokemon.

Examples :

  • NocturneSquare Nocturne resembles Darkrai
  • SkarnerSquare Skarner resembles Skroupi
  • WukongSquare Volcanic Wukong resembles Infernape
  • there's also someone add that : MaokaiSquare Maokai's name is anagram of "I am Gary Oak" from pokemon... i mean wtf...
  • ....

What's next? RammusSquare Rammus bears resemblance to squirtle? TeemoSquare Teemo bears resemblance to some pokemon? TwitchSquare Twitch bears resemblance to Rattata?

Seriously stop! The only pokemon reference that IMO right, is AniviaSquare Anivia. I checked Articuno page and google Arti's pictures and yeah, That pokemon really resembles AniviaSquare Anivia.