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    Halden, The Wandschwer, is a Champion concept based on MMO Tankers for the MOBA players.

    The term Wandschwer can be translated from deutsch for "Hard Wall". I still didn't desenvolve his Lore and his art, but I'll do it as soon as possible. Based on Aion's Templar, Halden has a incrible tank capacity, envolving hard CC's that a tank needs and an amazing ult, unique on MOBA Games (I have only played LoL and HoN).

    Stronghold (Innate): Halden’s bravery makes him immune to any type of forced action (taunts, fears, etc.).



    Halden taunts all enemies nearby him for a short time, creating an absorption shield that blocks incoming damage for 3 seconds. The Shield amount is based on the number of enemies taunted.Cost: 100 mana

    Cooldown: 20 /…

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  • Pauloxisto

    Just anotha blog '-'

    July 16, 2012 by Pauloxisto

    I'm useless if the theme is WikiCoding, so I created this blog to discuss some things and put some champion ideas, so ok, that's is my introduction.

    For while, I've been creating two champion concepts: A void mage with a completely different playstyle, and a new tanker whose style have never appeared in a MOBA game (I supose). In these days, I'll try to teach some WikiCode and put my ideas for everyone, so: let's f*ck them hard! (lolwut)

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