Greeting Summoners!

My whole point of this thread is a Slight Improvement to Fiddlesticks' ultimate, Crowstorm. Although this concept may not be required for higher-skilled Fiddlesticks players, I'm sure it would be a useful asset to have anyway!

Crowstorm is a massive, channeled DOT (Damage-Over-Time) AOE (Area-of-Effect) spell that completely devastates team fights combined with a Zhonya's Hourglass, unless -- of course -- you completely miss their whole team (<-- one of the biggest problems) and get hated on which I'm pretty sure has not only happened to me in the past! A bit of an exaggeration when I say "miss their whole team" but you get the idea.

My suggestion is that the AOE will be shown before cast/channel. If you don't get what I'm trying to say, think of it as Trundle's, "Frozen Domain" where you can see where the AOE is gonna be placed.

This way, not only for me, but many Fiddlesticks players can find it easier to aim their ults etc.

I hope others agree with this idea and support my theory on Crowstormology!

Feel free to leave any constructive criticism! Thank you (: