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    This is a tentative rework for . Most values such as damage and cooldown are placeholder, suggest better values if you wish, or ignore them.

    Skip it if you want to read the whole thing.
    • Passive: Dark Sphere moved to the passive ability slot and can be cast via left-click. Uses the stockpiling mechanic similar to . Damage rescaled. Spheres last 10 seconds, up from 6. Syndra's other abilities will destroy any Dark Spheres they "used up", e.g. if you throw a sphere with W or E it will disappear after dealing damage.
    • New Q: Syndra surrounds herself will all active Dark Spheres and can recast Q to toss them, one at a time, as a linear collision skillshot, or toss them all at once by casting the new R. The three dark spheres orbiting the live Syndra…

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  • Penuile
    All base stats except range are the arithmetical mean of the same stat of all champions who have it, uses mana, is always melee with 125 range (regardless of polymorph state).
    Here's a TL;DR version
    • Passive is Malz ripoff.
    • Q is Eve's Q, but it's toggle instead of active so you don't break your keyboard and don't get 5+ voidlings.
    • W's are Swain's W (root) and Elise's Spider W.
    • E's are Jayce's hammer E (knockback) and Thresh's Q (try to combo knockback into root into hook).
    • R is a generic polymorph, doesn't count towards passive.

    On every fourth ability use, Malzahar summons a Voidling that remains on the field until it is killed or 21 seconds have passed. If Malzahar dies, the Voidling stays behind but stops attacking.

    |description2 = Voidlings Grow a…

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  • Penuile

    After reading Willbachbakal's Another Look at Vision, I decided to write this. In S5, I want Riot to focus on the , , and mechanics, as well as some items and specifically the only imbalanced instant left in the game and . Any and all feedback is appreciated!

    • Sight/vision = normal sight. All units reveal area within 1100 units of themselves.
    • True Sight = magical sight, able to detect stealth.

    , and
    • Removed from the game.
    • Renamed to Vision Ward.
    • Duration changed to 4 minutes.
    • Gives of the area in a 600 unit radius.
    • Gives sight of the area in a 1100 unit radius, as normal.
    • Is still stealthed, but can be seen by True Sight and enemy champions within 600 units (good old 's True Sight range).
    • Has three hit points, but can be upgraded to have more…

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  • Penuile

    No, really. Teemo is a troll champ, made for trolling, not playing. Also, he's a ward.

    Teemo uses one of his special darts to debilitate the target with the next autoattack.

    |description2 = Press Q and then W, E or R to choose a dart, modifying the next autoattack, or press Q again to cancel. |range = Self |cooldown = 10 seconds after attacking |cost = |costtype = mana }}

    Deals magic damage over 5 seconds and reduces the target's movement and attack speed over 5 seconds, which then recover gradually over 5 seconds.

    |leveling =  %

    % % AP}}


    Deals damage on-hit and blinds for a duration.

    |leveling =

    % AP}}


    Deals damage on-hit and gains percentage Armor Pen for this attack.

    |leveling =  %

    % total AD}}

    }} | }}

    Teemo gains increasing movement spee…

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  • Penuile

    |alttype = |date = 29.05.14 |rangetype = ranged |health = 5 |attack = 3 |spells = 6 |difficulty = 7 |hp = 425 (+80) |mana = 250 (+50) |damage= 49.2 (+3.1) |range = 480 |armor = 19 (+2.7) |magicresist = 30 |attackspeed = 0.679 (+3.38%) |healthregen = 5.0 (+0.8) |manaregen = 7 (+0.8) |speed = 335 }} Bane, the Primal Techmaturgist is a custom champion created for Draaaven's CCC2. Yeah, couldn't come up with a less original name and title. Thanks to Mineko Charat Lucky for the template.

    After a brief delay, Bane emits a blast of electrical energy in the target direction, dealing damage to all enemy units in a line. The blast also spreads to enemies within a 200-unit radius from the initial targets for half the damage; every enemy unit hit by th…
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